Fierce Obsessions

by Suzanne Wright

When raven shifter Riley Porter was given sanctuary by the Phoenix Pack, she let them believe she had left her flock. Reluctant to divulge the secrets of her past, she was still embraced as family. Only Tao Lukas, the protective and passionate Head Enforcer of the pack, was resistant to the enigmatic shifter. Until Riley started to arouse in him something other than suspicion.

Tao doesn’t trust lone shifters, especially ones so guarded—and tempting. But the sexual tension between them is making them both come undone, and vulnerable to more than desire. All Tao wants is for Riley to stay with him and to trust him with the truth of her past.

As Riley’s mysteries come to light, so does a danger that threatens not only her life but the safety of the entire pack. For Tao, keeping Riley safe means keeping her close—forever—as his mate.

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  • Genre:
    Paranormal Romance
  • Release Date:
    June 13th, 2017
  • Paperback ISBN: 9781477848753
  • Kindle ASIN: B01MXUSM1E
  • Series:
    Phoenix Pack
    Book #6

About the Author: Suzanne Wright

Author Suzanne Wright, a native of England, can’t remember a time when she wasn’t creating characters and telling their tales. Even as a child, she loved writing poems, plays, and stories. As an adult, Wright has published Here Be Sexist Vampires, The Bite That Binds, From Rags, and the first two books in the Phoenix Pack series, Feral Sins and Wicked Cravings. Wright, who lives in Liverpool with her husband and two children, freely admits she hates housecleaning and can’t cook, but she always shares chocolate.

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